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Smith & Wesson "Chief's special" - серийная модель 1950 года (с 1957 года выпускается под наименованием Smith & Wesson Model 36 "Chief's special"), ствол, рамка и барабан стальные, накладки на рукоять деревянные. Масса револьвера с 3-дюймовым стволом составляет 567... Texas Holdem

It is a standard weapon of the NYPD (along with the Smith & Wesson 5946 and SIG-Sauer P226). Sob (Small Of Back) Leather Belt Holster | Craft Holsters This holster represents one of our most popular S.O.B holsters suitable for all-day carry. Palm in design gives you the comfort, fast access and easy concealment needed on a daily basis. January | 2016 | Midsouth Shooters Blog This intricate linework extends across the pistol’s 5-inch barrel, and when combined with its glass bead finish and rosewood colored grips, transforms this modern-day workhorse into a living piece of art.

Product Info for Smith & Wesson Texas Hold 'em Bowie.If you have questions about the Smith & Wesson Texas Hold 'em Bowie or other Bowie Knives we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Bowie Knives for you.

Smith & Wesson Texas Hold 'Em Model 36 for sale Smith & Wesson Texas Hold 'Em Model 36... Smith & Wesson Texas Hold 'Em Model 36 for sale. about 6 years ago Details. Price $950.00 Brand Smith & Wesson Seller moosonoagoos Available on Cal Guns Location Sacramento Description. Make: Smith & Wesson Model: Texas Hold 'Em Model 36 … Shooting a Smith and Wesson Texas Hold 'Em Model 36 .38 Jul 15, 2014 · Jessie trying out the S&W limited edition Texas Hold 'Em model 36 revolver. High Caliber Women is filmed north of Atlanta Georgia. We exist to highlight women who love guns as much as the guys. Smith & Wesson Model 36-10 Texas Hold'Em .38special +P

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Age/Value of a Smith & Wesson Model 36 - Texas Gun Talk Smith & Wesson Model 36 Revolver 38 SPL S&W : Revolvers at This one is sitting at $375 right now, and it might be pretty close to what you have condition wise. Smith & Wesson Model 36 38 S&W Spec. W/ Leather H : Revolvers at Here is one at $420, but has not reached the minimum the seller is willing to accept. Smith & Wesson .38 Chiefs Special Revolver Model 36 SMITH & WESSON .38 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION - LESSON NO. 1 SMITH & WESSON.38 CHIEFS SPECIAL REVOLVER MODEL No. 36 PARTS LIST SERVICE Should your Smith & Wesson revolver require adjustment repair, or refinishing, we recommend most sincerely that the weapon be returned to the factory or authorized service center. WTS: SOLD!!!S&W .38 special "Texas Hold'em" REDUCED for the last time to $700.00. If I don't sell it this weekend it will go to Gunbroker with a higher reserve. Fair warning!

Smith and Wesson 36-10 Texas Holdem Poker Set with chips , card and 38 special pistol. Ok. Our site uses cookies to optimize your experience. By continuing, you're ...

The Smith & Wesson Model 36 is a snub-nosed revolver chambered for .38 Special bullets. It is one of several models of "J-frame" Smith & Wesson revolvers. It was introduced in 1950 and is still in production. John McClane briefly used in this weapon in Die Hard with a Vengeance. Smith & Wesson THBB Texas Hold'em Big Bowie… This Smith & Wesson Texas Hold?en Bowie Knife comes with a leather sheath. On the side of the blade has the Smith & Wesson Logo and Texas Hold?em stamped on it. A perfect give for any Texas Hold?em fan. The handle is made of Mesquite Fibron while the Blade is made of 400 Series Stainless... For Sale: Smith & Wesson .38 Special +P 5 shot Revolver …

Jessie trying out the S&W limited edition Texas Hold 'Em model 36 revolver High Caliber Women is filmed north of Atlanta Georgia. ... Smith and Wesson Model 36 (Chief's Special) On the Range ...

**MIB S&W "Texas Hold 'Em" Model 36 Revolver. Serial # TEX0584 Smith & Wesson produced this Model 36-10 special edition "Texas Hold 'Em" revolver in 2005. Standard features of the Model 36 include a 2" barrel, fixed sight, five shot, double action, fluted cylinders and chambered for the .38 Smith & Wesson Special. The finish is blue, the hammer and trigger are case colored and grips are faux ivory. Item:13148873 Limited Edition Smith & Wesson S&W Model 36 ... Our Assessment: The Smith & Wesson Model 36 is the preeminent collectible for any poker enthusiast. The .38 S&W caliber 36-10, J-Frame revolver is in Excellent condition and demonstrates the latest advancements in laser engraving and design.

Seller's Description: Smith&Wesson Model 36 Texas Holdem 38 Special It comes in a nice wood Presidention case with Two Decks of Smith & Wesson Cards a set of Poker Chips It has a gold inlay of Aces and Eights and some other gold trim.